Fresh Fish. Local Ingredients.
We work with local fisherman to deliver the the morning's catch every day. From the sea to your plate, we believe that the path to delicious dishes hinges on respect. Respect for the environment. Respect for the community. Respect for you.

Learn more about the journey our fish take from the sea to your plate
Fishermen start the day
While we all sleep, hardworking fishermen take their boats out and start their days. Though most fishermen begin closer to midnight, some boats leave as late as 4AM. It's a tough life—one that demands a true appreciation for the water and its fruit.
Bringing the catch in
Early in the morning, fishermen begin winding down their day. They collect their catch and store it on boat as they head back to shore. Some fish must be flash frozen onboard to maintain freshness, while more resilient species are stored as is.
Preparing the fish
Fish are sorted and boxed up to prepare them for auction. This doesn't include any descaling or gutting—that all happens later—but it covers the various steps that make produce into product: weighing, packaging, and categorizing. Many fishermen work with partners on land who handle these steps and participate in auctions...
Auction time, baby
The fisherman's day has come to an end. Now that the fish is product, they're ready for auction. Thrice a week, markets in Tel Aviv, Yafo, and Haifa hold auctions where "buyers" bid on "lots" of fish varying in size, species, and quality. On days without markets, fishermen deliver fish to buyers and partners working on previously set prices (with tremendous room for negotiation). Victor Dagim works with various buys who source it's fish daily, either from auction or through relationships.
We receive and inspect the product
Usually everyone involved is tired and our fish arrives on the earlier side, but we can get product as late as 10AM. Once we receive the fish, we conduct an examination and lightly prepare it for the day: descaling, preliminary butchering, etc.
Victor opens, serving you the day's catch
Our fish is prepped and stored properly to maintain utmost freshness. Some types are filleted in advance and others on the spot. Some fish we serve whole, like in our roast and grilled dishes, others we grind according to recipe. Everything we serve is bought, prepped, and prepared with respect for our world and our tireless partners upstream.
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